Landscaping “Down There”

Guys watch so much porn these days that they expect perfect landscaping, and some even think “bare down there” is sexy (instead of prepubescent and unnatural looking). I’m currently getting a laser treatment because I got a great deal and I’m sick of dealing with it (plus waxing makes me break out), but yes, I’m doing it for *your* benefit, not my own. – Paula


“Prepubescent and unnatural looking”. I would love for you to explain to me why a shaved pussy is prepubescent and unnatural looking, and shaved legs and armpits are not.

I am into women. I like the way the vagina looks. I can’t see the thing if it’s covered in hair. I also don’t enjoy giving a woman oral sex with a bunch of hair in my mouth. It’s absolutely gross. I love giving oral sex, but I will not do it regularly if a woman doesn’t keep it bare.

I imagine women feel the same, so I either shave or keep a very tight trim.

All that hair down there just traps odors. It’s nasty. – W07


So…what are your thoughts on landscaping? Ladies, do you prefer going totally bare? Guys, does a woman with a Brazilian turn you on or make you feel like you’re with a young girl? And…how many of you guys do your own landscaping?


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72 Responses to “Landscaping “Down There””

  1. Crotch Rocket Says:

    “Guys, does a woman with a Brazilian turn you on or make you feel like you’re with a young girl?” It turns me on. I’ve only seen one full bush in my life, in my teens, and I definitely didn’t find it sexy; I couldn’t see what I was working on and the stuff got in my mouth. The women I’ve been with since then have ranged from a landing strip (my preference) to totally shaved. I don’t associate baldness with prepubescent girls since, to my knowledge, I’ve never seen one naked; the thought just doesn’t occur to me, and I wonder about anyone who does have that association.

    “And…how many of you guys do your own landscaping?” I keep it trimmed above and shaved below, but mainly for hygiene reasons and my own aesthetic preference; I’ve never had a lover express an opinion on manscaping.

  2. Vox Says:

    I believe men only get a say on this if they are in a relationship with a woman (or building up to one). To make demands when it comes to a casual lay is absolutely ridiculous. You don’t always get what you want when it comes to casual sex, sorry guys.

    Personally I have gone from fully shaved to not shaved at all and back again depending upon my mood Typically though, I keep it shaved about 3/4 of the way, or at least thats been the case for the last couple of years.

    • WO7 Says:

      I don’t think anyone’s saying men have a right to “demand” something. We’re talking about personal preferences here.

      But on the same token…it’s give and take. I can guarantee a woman is more likely to get oral sex the less hair she has. So if a woman wants to receive more oral sex from her casual partners…then she should consider this. If she doesn’t, then that’s her choice, and I’m sure the guy will be just fine having sex only.

      • Paula Says:

        I don’t need the “guarantee.” Because I can guarantee if a man is unwilling to perform oral sex, he is not going to remain my casual partner for long. And in recent history, too many casual partners has been more of a concern than not enough.

        If we’re having sex regularly, we can negotiate (although I’m not going beyond a trim — forcing me to experience constant broken-out crotch itchiness is non-negotiable). And…it’s kinda sexy to trim each other (that’s something that I did regularly with an ex, as it’s hard to see well enough to do it yourself).

  3. Paula Says:

    As I said in the other post, if I completely shave or wax, I break out and become itchy, and really only baseball players can get away with frequently grabbing that area in public. My current laser treatment is for the “bikini line” so that things will be more shapely and I can wear swimsuits without worrying. Otherwise, I trim. I don’t much care what guys do — trimming is nice if there’s a lot of hair, but I find hairy guys sexy.

    The reason I said “prepubescent” is that developing hair in the genital area is one of the developments of puberty that distinguishes girls from women. I read an article in a men’s magazine several years ago talking about developments in porn corresponding with genital hair trends. If you look at a 70s Playboy or porn movie, the women will have a full bush. This article documented a rise in bare pussies with a rise in “barely legal” porn, and Britney Spears schoolgirl imagery which we unfortunately and repeatedly learned went along with a hairless pussy.

    Also, many forms of body odor arise with puberty, and so this article talked about Americans’ fetish with hair removal and complete body odor suppression (as compared to, for example, the French) which makes it more difficult for pheromones to do their work. Certainly, I don’t want to offend or turn someone off, but when I have sex, I work up a sweat, and so does he. One favorite sensual pleasure is having your lover’s scent lingering on you and your sheets, and finding it pleasing and arousing.

    And just so we have our terms consistent, you can’t see a vagina, whether it’s surrounded by hair or not — it’s internal. At most, you can see the vaginal opening, but you’re probably referring to something like the labia or clitoris.

    • Joe Says:

      70s era Playmates didn’t have full bush; they were very much trimmed. Several had landing strips even then. Bare pussies started far before “barely legal porn” and Britney Spears. So, I’d declare that article rubbish.

      I also find the improper terminology annoying, though vulva is such a weird word and “outer labia” just plain awkward. (And, with rare exceptions, the clitoris is hidden as well.)

      • Paula Says:

        They may have been out there, but they weren’t a widespread expectation of “good grooming.” I know what I saw at the gym between 1982 and 2000 among women of childbearing age was not what I see today (or for roughly the past decade). Way back when, it was a tossup between full bush and trimmed, with hardly any bare; now, it’s mostly bare, some trimmed, and virtually no bush. (I picked 1982 because that was when I was consistently around post-pubescent women in locker rooms.)

        Joe, you seem to be making a big distinction about trimmed that most of your fellow males here don’t seem to make. I have no problem with trimming, and I don’t think any other woman here has expressed that she doesn’t trim or refuses to trim. It’s complete bareness that is the issue, in that for a significant number of us, it causes itchiness, ingrown hairs, and unsightly irritation.

        • Joe Says:

          From what I’ve read, most my fellow males do make a distinction between trimmed and letting things grow wild, so to speak.

          And to turn it around, how many women like hairy men? How about really hair men? Even if we restrict it to, say, beards, how many women like a guy who’s beard is “wild?” Yes, there are some, but my experience is most women don’t like that look.

          (Speaking of beards; even at 49 I can’t grow one worth anything. If I don’t shave for two weeks, I look like a bum. My father, on the other hand, can grow a magnificent beard.)

          • dimplz Says:

            I like hairy men. Hairy chest, arms, legs, doesn’t matter. A beard? That’s a toughie. My skin breaks out from nothing, so too much hair irritates, and stubble burns. If he doesn’t rub it all over me and cause a breakout, I could probably deal with it.

          • Paula Says:

            I prefer a neatly trimmed beard, just as I prefer neatly trimmed hair elsewhere. But if I cared for someone who wanted it to grow wild, I’d be OK with it. I prefer a hairy guy to a non-hairy one, but the existence and condition of a guy’s hair is a non-issue for me.

            People can and do have preferences. What I take issue with are those who seek to impose their preferences on their lovers and withhold sexual gratification unless their partners forfeit their own comfort and preferencs. That’s just controlling and manipulative behavior, in my opinion.

            • WO7 Says:

              But by calling it “prepubescent and unnatural” you have vilified men who “prefer” it bare.

              That’s not being open to other people preferences…that’s having your own preference and insulting other people’s preferences.

              Trust me, I don’t feel like there should be some mass consensus that all women keep it bare. If you want to keep it neat trimmed, or even “full bloom”, go ahead! But for me, my personal sexual preference is bare.

              • Paula Says:

                You choose to be insulted by those words. Prepubescent and unnatural are both a factually accurate description. Sexually mature women naturally have hair there, as do sexually mature men. I would say the same thing about a man who shaves it all off, even though I don’t mind it (but also would never say “I will never suck your cock if you don’t fully shave.”

                • chuckrock Says:

                  I can understand why it comes off as insulting. It insinuates, whether intentional or not, a desire to be with a child….which is obviously not cool and insulting.

                  • Paula Says:

                    That was not my intended insinuation, and in fact, I said specifically in one of my posts that I was not accusing anyone of being into kiddie porn (or by extension, actually sleeping with children). For example, there are women who can be described as having boyish figures (small breasts, narrow hips) but I don’t think the guys who sleep with them do so because they subconsciously want to sleep with boys.

                    But even if you’re right, it’s a less direct insult than others thrown around here, including being told that the very existence of female pubic hair is “masculine” and “smelly,” regardless of a woman’s individual hygiene practices, and that only a “fetishist” could possibly like something as it grows naturally.

    • Crotch Rocket Says:

      “If you look at a 70s Playboy or porn movie, the women will have a full bush.” Funny you should mention that, since I wrote something about it but deleted it before posting… I’m friends with a woman who was a Playboy centerfold in the early 80s, and she tells me she and every other model she met were shaved bare; the magazine airbrushed in their bushes afterward. That’s also why so few shots directly showed the pubic area; they mostly used other angles that focused on the breasts or buttocks to reduce the amount of airbrush work needed. How much further back that practice goes, I don’t know.

  4. Selena Says:

    I found full out bare is impossibly itchy. Never had a problem with a lover being turned off by hair – one in fact years ago said he found it a turn on because it was “unexpected” lol. These days my personal preference is to trim periodically – mainly for swimsuit purposes.

  5. Ellie #1 Says:

    Whether it’s shaved or waxed, mine is itchy, painful, and quite frankly, gross looking when it grows back in. And because it’s so irritated as it grows back in, shaving or waxing it regularly is not an option. I keep it trimmed, sure, but I’ll never shave or wax for anyone, ever again. I’ve yet to encounter a guy who had a problem with this, and my current boyfriend insists natural is his preference. If I were to ever encounter a guy who gave me some sort of ultimatum about my vag hair, the choice would be easy – no guy worth my time would want me in constant physical pain for his aesthetic pleasing.

    • Crotch Rocket Says:

      “my current boyfriend insists natural is his preference” That’s to be expected, whether it is true or not. As one friend said about telling his girlfriend he didn’t mind she never swallowed, “I may be only getting half a blowjob now, but if I tell her I don’t like it, I won’t be getting any blowjobs at all.”

      • Paula Says:

        The number of guys who think they have to lie to their lovers in order to get sex is astonishing.

        I don’t know whether to think that CR is exaggerating or rationalizing his own behavior every time this comes up, or whether to be saddened that so many relationships seem to be premised on lies and mutual delusion.

        Or, put another way, I want to be with a guy who would stick with me if I had cancer and lost all my hair, and celebrate whenever and wherever it grew back, rather than one that is so concerned about my hair that it would impact whether he would sleep with me. Because I would not lie if asked about my preferences, but as long as the sex itself was good, I really couldn’t care less about his grooming.

        • Crotch Rocket Says:

          “The number of guys who think they have to lie to their lovers in order to get sex is astonishing.” I’m not astonished at all, but unlike you I much personal experience telling women unpleasant truths and having them withhold sex (or even dump me) in return because they didn’t like what they heard. I’ve also learned over and over women’s assurances that won’t happen aren’t worth shit in practice. Every now and then, I run into one that can handle the truth, but so far things haven’t worked out with any of them.

          “I don’t know whether to think that CR is exaggerating or rationalizing his own behavior every time this comes up,” My experience and that of my friends may not be representative of all men, but it’s not intentionally exaggerated. Nor am I rationalizing my own behavior, since I don’t lie, period; however, I see it all around me, in both men and women–though women’s motivation for lying is usually quite different.

          “or whether to be saddened that so many relationships seem to be premised on lies and mutual delusion.” There’s no sense in being sad about it; I choose to be happy about the occasional exception I see and hopeful I’ll find the same.

      • Ellie #1 Says:

        It’s amazing to me that you cannot imagine anyone having preferences different than your own. I mean, it’s a concept most people master in kindergarten.

        • Crotch Rocket Says:

          Did you not notice where I said “whether it is true or not”? I made no comment about the statement’s actual veracity, just that he’d likely to say the same thing either way.

  6. chuckrock Says:

    I am not a huge fan of the totally shaved look. I prefer trimmed, or even a landing strip. I have never experienced a totally wild unkempt look before so I will not comment on whether I would like it or not. I’ve only come across bad odor once, and that probably would have happened no matter what because she just didn’t have good hygiene in general (hence why good hygiene is on my deal breaker list now).

    I shave my sack about once a week but have only been doing this for the last year or so. I only trim above. I’ve had several women tell me that red pubes were hot (and since my head is brownish they were not expecting it), so I don’t think it would be in my best interest to shave anyway.

  7. Horace Says:

    For me, good grooming is a must if you want me to put my face down there. In general, most guys prefer as little hair as possible, though trimmed is perfectly acceptable, and bush is simply for the fetishists.

    Personally, I don’t understand the “landing strip” most women seem to leave. It’s not more flattering than a clean shave, and it makes it feel like I’m french kissing Hitler down there. My friend and I refer to it as “cunt-stache” :-P

    • Paula Says:

      Horace — you’re speaking about “most guys” and fetishists like you’ve done a survey of the entire heterosexual male population, and what you and your friends think goes. I’ve had a number of guys say exactly the opposite, wondering why women are so eager to get rid of all the hair there, as they find pubic hair sexy.

      Otherwise, I find guys will put up with all kinds of things to get laid, and if they want to do so repeatedly, they’ll tolerate whatever the woman chooses to offer. I’m happy to trim to facilitate oral sex (as long as he will as well), but if he’s not willing to engage in that with me without subjecting me around the clock to an itchy and bumpy crotch, he won’t last long. I had to deal with an ex-husband who would never go down there because he had a bad experience with a woman who purportedly smelled like paprika, ten years before he met me. The thought of never having oral sex again in my lifetime without violating my marriage vows was something that literally kept me awake at night, and was a significant contribution to my marriage’s decline. So I’m just not going there again.

      I also think there’s very much an age difference, as it wasn’t really until the last ten years or so that Brazilian waxes were advertised and starlets were baring bare pussies on Perez Hilton and elsewhere, turning it into a trend. For those of us who grew pubic hair before that time, and only had to worry about keeping it confined within a swimsuit, we’re left shaking our heads at the latest trend, which will probably change back in a few years anyway.

      • Joe Says:

        I suspect that you didn’t understand the slang. In modern parlance “bush” means untrimmed, not simply pubic hair.

        And while the bare look may have been popularized in the past decade, it goes back much further than that. I became a fan in the early to mid-80s, though never did much like the landing strip which was popular in some circles before then. Either nicely trimmed or bare for me.)

        • Paula Says:

          Some guys like “bush,” and yes, being the owner of one that doesn’t trim itself, I do understand the slang.

        • Maargen Says:


          You say you “…never did much like the landing strip which was popular in some circles before then. Either nicely trimmed or bare for me.”

          Sorry Joe, but it’s not all about you.

          Hair picks up sensation (my understanding from biology is that it was evolved th alert us to bugs entering body cavities…forgive me if that’s bogus), and I find that when I leave a little bit of hair for a guy to flick very, very, very lightly, the sensation can be very stimulating.

          I don’t know why other women do it. But is it okay with you if we leave a landing strip because WE like it?

    • Ellie #1 Says:

      Unshaven is not for fetishists. Hair down there is natural AND normal, just not in porn. And if you’re getting most of your sexual cues from porn, well, it’s probably for the best that you steer clear of women in the real world.

      • Joe Says:

        Hairy legs and armpits are also natural. So are uni-brows. You embrace those?

        • Joe Says:

          In this case, if you vote down, explain yourself. The argument that shaving pussy isn’t natural, but shavaing legs and armpits and waxing upper lips is, is absurd. Many men shave their heads completely. Is that unnatural?

          • Vox Says:

            She didn’t say that shaving pubic hair is unnatural, she said that the existence of public hair is natural (as opposed to being fetishistic, as the other poster remarked). Big difference.

            And there is nothing wrong with shaving ones armpits but not the vagina or vice versa. It’s a woman’s body which makes it her choice. As a man you can accept it or not, that part is your choice.

          • Paula Says:

            Genital areas are different than other body parts. Legs, armpits, eyebrows and upper lips are not genital areas and are frequently exposed to the public. And except for armpits, they are areas where hair is not a secondary sexual characteristic brought on by puberty.

            A hairless genital area, whether on a male or female, is one that I associate with a prepubescent who has not yet grown hair in that area. As an adult, I choose to sleep with other adults, which means that they are going to naturally have hair there. They can choose to alter that situation (as I make my grooming choices), which makes it unnatural.

            The point is not that it’s unnatural, because altering your hair in any way is a deviation from what is natural to that person. What you’re trying to do is to call a woman who shaves her legs and armpits, and plucks her eyebrows, but who does not shave or wax her pubic area a hypocrite or trap them in some sort of inconsistency.

            But that doesn’t really work in that most guys don’t regularly shave anything but their face. Some do manscaping and trimming down there, in the way that they would maintain an unruly beard if they have one. But I’ve never personally encountered a guy who shaves his legs, and only once found one who shaves his chest and armpits (he was very hairy and wore a specialized uniform which made it better for him to shave everything, so he wasn’t doing it for aesthetic reasons.)

            So if you’re thinking that those of us who shave some areas and not others are hypocrites, most likely most guys should be considered hypocrites as well.

            • Joe Says:

              My point wasn’t that women should or should not shave their pubic hair, but that the argument that pubic hair is natural and therefore should be left as is is bogus.

              Using an extreme example, if a man shaves the top of his head, but not his face, it would be absurd for him to argue that he does so because facial hair is natural.

              • Ellie #1 Says:

                I never made the argument that being natural means it should be left as is. I simply refuse to accept the idea that the only people who could be attracted to my natural self are fetishists. It’s a ridiculous concept.

                I never suggested embracing anything; I just noted that being attracted to the female body in it’s natural form is not a fetish. In fact, I’d argue the opposite.

                As far as embracing other hairy body parts, I sure as hell would if it was physically painful for me to shave them. And I’d expect any man I ever dated to do the same. Because I expect any man I ever date to care about my happiness and well-being above any preference he may have for body hair.

                • WO7 Says:

                  I imagine that it’s not painful to shave your other parts because you’ve built up a tolerance for it.

                  I don’t understand this “natural” argument at all. The whole idea of hygiene itself is unnatural.

                  Your body has a bunch of processes to manage itself, and we do all kinds of things to disrupt those processes.

                  Washing the face, washing hair, getting haircuts, shaving the legs, shaving the armpits, putting on deodorant, etc etc etc.

                  Every one of these things is a personal preference.

                  I see a lot of women on here trying to peg the vagina as some how completely different then everything else. But it’s all just a ruse so that they can justify the fact that THEY treat it differently.

                  Women are allowed to do whatever they want with their personal hygiene. But any and every man will have personal preferences regarding it. Women are allowed to choose what personal preferences they do and don’t want to cater to.

            • chuckrock Says:

              This is slightly off topic so I hope Moxie will forgive me. But in response to Paula’s post: I had to shave my legs a few times in college for swimming (along with chest and everything else). Let me tell you, having sex while i had shaven legs with a girl who also had freshly shaved legs was WAY hot.

              If I could experience that again, without it being really weird….i would definitely go for it.

          • Cricri Says:

            Joe, you don’t make any sense. Why would anyone submit themselves to unnecessary discomfort when it will be seen by a handful of people? Waxing your armpits is simply courtesy for people around, and unibrow is a personal choice. I’m not personally sold on the leg shaving slave job since it has nothing to do with hygiene, just for the look and feel of it, so clearly secondary. And guys who shave theirs heads do it because it is their personal choice, not a social demand. Let’s not mistake things and make demands where we have no right to do so. Demanding that women shave their whole bodies just serves to increase sexual differences between man and woman, and even amongst women “who are feminine” and “those who are not”. I personnally like men with hair everywhere (though I find nose and ear hair funny) because the natural look is what I like. If a guy chooses to overlook the soft skin, smile, boobs and curves and block on on vagina hair, I say good riddance!

            • Joe Says:

              Please reread my comment; I was NOT saying what women should or shouldn’t do, I was simply saying that the argument given for not shaving the pubic area–that pubic hair is natural–has no logical consistancy. It’s a throwaway argument meant to dmisss the discussion while prejudicing the opposing view.

              I’ve no problem with a woman saying “it’s not my preference.”

              • Maargen Says:

                The argument was not that pubic hair doesn’t need to be shaved because it’s natural. The argument was that since pubic hair is natural, a guy who doesn’t mind it needn’t be deemed a “fetishist”.

                I think Ellie is the one who made the argument, and if she’s defining a “fetishist” as someone who likes stuff that’s unusual or unnatural, then I think her argument is spot on: there’s nothing unnusual or unnatural about body hair.

                She is not arguing that hair on any part of the body should be removed or left on because it’s natural.

                Get it?

                • Crotch Rocket Says:

                  “if she’s defining a ‘fetishist’ as …” Sorry, but one does not get to arbitrarily redefine words. The definition of fetish that applies here is “an object or bodily part whose real or fantasized presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression”. I doubt that applies to any of the men being discussed in this debate.

                  • Paula Says:


                    any object, activity, etc, to which one is excessively or irrationally devoted: to make a fetish of cleanliness

                    I think in Horace’s usage, especially given the nature of his other posts on this topic, he was implying that men who like full bush are “irrationally devoted.” He definitely meant to consign them to a fringe minority (pun intended.)

                    That hasn’t been my experience, but I imagine we all gravitate towards those who like what we have to offer.

  8. Cricri Says:

    That reminds me the first time I fooled around with an american man. I had just moved from France to the US where shaving/having a natural looking vagina had never been an issue with lovers. As clothes came off, he had that shocked look on his face, asking me why I didn’t shave. Like it was expected for every woman, in or not in a relationship to keep it bare. Really informed me on the type of entitlement I might have to deal while dating american men, wasn’t a great start. While in France, I would occasionally wax the bikini line, no brazilian though. Waxing worked best for me because it doesn’t itch as it grows back. However, it was very cheap (12 euros every 2 weeks), totally doable. Where I live now, I’d have to pay $120 a month for the same upkeep all this for some hypothetical guy. Unless, I explicitely planned to have sex with a guy, there will always have a more or less full bush there, because I myself I’m not confortable having a bare vagina, after all the cost and physical discomfort. I guess it is one of those cultural differences that come between people sometimes.

  9. Joe Says:

    I unapologetically love the shaved look and did before it became popular. In a fit of joyful madness my ex-wife shaved herself for me twice (I say madness since she was mostly frigid, but every now and then loosened up) and it was simply wonderful for oral sex and did marvels in the performance department for me. She kept it that way for a few days and then decided that sex needed to go back being one of those things best avoided.

  10. Charlie Says:

    Not into it personally. Definitely prefer natural. I can understand it’s helpful for oral sex, and I can see why it’s so common in porn (since it makes everything more visible). But it’s not something I’m interested in, and frankly I would never let a razor go down there nor would I be willing to wax so I don’t really feel comfortable demanding a theoretical lover to do it for me.

  11. Craig Says:

    Ingrown hair bumps are not attractive, so I’d rather a woman not shave if that will be the result. I prefer a landing strip or a non-shaped, but neatly trimmed hoo-ha. It is kinda hard to get to the good parts down there if you need a machete to get to it. That said, a couple of times I’ve had first date sex with women who obviously were not planning to have sex and their snack bars were untamed and natural. I gotta say that I found it extremely hot each time – there’s something very womanly about a full bush. Both women were Asian though, so they were better-equipped to pull off a full bush as Asian pubic hair is typically straight rather than curly.

    For myself, my nuts are kept shaved bald and everything else is trimmed close. It really does make your junk look a little bigger because you get back the inch or two usually buried in the forest. For men I highly recommend the Norelco Body Groomer as a safe way to manscape without drawing blood. It’s a wonderous little wet/dry machine that has the Craig seal of approval. When using it make sure to pull your skin taught and use it dry rather than wet if you know what’s good for you.

  12. UGH! Says:

    I don’t care to debate anyone regarding what’s good/not good. I simply love a shaved, hair free pussy. Add to that legs & armpits too. I have no desire for younger women, prepubescent, children, etc. I am in my mid 40’s & rarely do I date women less than 40.

    • Angeline Says:

      I think the prepubescent tag comes from how we feel about it ourselves when we see the whole shaved look that first time. I know that was my first, repelled, shocked reaction. Since we women went from hairless pre-teens to having pubic hair, we *know* it looks like a pre-puberty girl. So it doesn’t necessarily have to come from from any studies or articles for women to feel like they’ve become the least sexy version of themselves again.

      I think porn fashion and the rise of pedo-porn happened at the same time, because all things porn were exploding at the same time, but that doesn’t mean one caused the other. Although, you have one man in your life who hints that he likes it because of that association, and it’s gonna be hard to shake.

      It does feel nice though, and hell, there isn’t a lot of VIEWING going on. It’s the feel men like, not the look so much IME. I had a FWB when I was first dating again who said “even though you keep it trimmed, and nice and clean, you’re gonna get a lot more action down there if you shave, or at least keep it close to bare. It’s just so much more fun when it’s all smooth.” My current guy loves it, and also shaves (trimming really is enough for me). I like the feeling of it for about 24 hours, then it drives me absolutely nuts, and that’s too soon to shave again. The itching is not to be believed. The stubble feels worse I’d think than a really short trim, and I really, really dislike the landing strip – it’s like a little Hitler stache on my girly bits.

      Just a week or so ago, I told him if I won the lottery, that would be one of the first things I’d do, about 6 months of laser to get rid of all of it – I hate shaving (all of it – legs, armpits, crotch) and it is such a time suck. He is hugely grateful that I do, and kids all the time about my combat showers or crime scene post-shave cleanup, but even he was surprised by that comment. If I wasn’t sleeping with someone on a regular basis, I wouldn’t shave anything.

      And P.S., it doesn’t smell if you are scrupulous with the cleaning (not douching, just simple cleaning, OFTEN. God bless the hand held shower head.) I live in a hot climate, and you HAVE to shower a couple times a day down here in the summer, but the payoff is no unpleasant smells.

      • Paula Says:

        Some guys are struggling with the prepubescent tag, apparently. But Angelina is right, you spend all this time as a girl waiting for the hair to grow in, your breasts to develop, and your period to start so you start to feel all grown up, only to find that some guys want you to get rid of it?!

        I’m not accusing any of you of being into kiddie porn, but I do wish I could find the article I read in GQ or Esquire or something similar, which had some pretty persuasive evidence regarding porn and Hollywood starlets’ roles in changing pubic hair preferences among men. Maybe that didn’t happen to you personally, but if it happened to other men, who began putting more pressure on their sex partners to shave, which meant more shaved women were in the population, which means you slept with more of them, which placed even more pressure in the holdouts, fearing they would be dumped or denied oral sex and so on and so on and so on, then it becomes pretty obvious how porn and celebrity cooch shots change what’s considered acceptable.

      • Really Rosie Says:

        @Angeline: God bless the hand held shower head for more than just that. :)

  13. trouble Says:

    I very much prefer a guy to be completely natural, body hair turns me on, it seems super masculine to me. I guess I am a child of the 80s who grew up seeing Tom Selleck’s hairy chest and thinking it looked manly. I don’t like it when a man shaves down below, I like feeling his hair against my face during a blowjob.

    My guy has blond body hair, which I find incredibly sexy, on his chest, back, arms and legs. LOVE IT.

    I’ve offered up every possible situation, he says he prefers natural, but I prefer trimmed, not shaved. Though, sometimes, I will shave just to mix things up.

  14. Horace Says:

    Aaawww, I hurt some feelings. Don’t get all butt-hurt because I don’t like your bush :D And playing the “prepubescent” card. So adolescent. Get a hold of yourselves :-P

    I didn’t say women should feel obliged in any way to shave, just that most men prefer it (and I know and have known enough men to know that more men prefer shaved than bush, just like most women prefer a taller man… it’s just an accurate generalization). Do whatever you like. Please the man you’re with, or don’t on some weird, pro-pube moral grounds. Sure, hair is natural, and sure the fact that men like less hair is a matter of cultural conditioning, but people are entitled to their preferences. Some women prefer a clean-shaven face (prepubescent?)… some like mustaches (pro 70s porn?), and that’s okay ;)

    And of course, the fact that something is “natural” is no argument for that thing. If that were the case, then we should all be living as primitives, no technology, no deodorant, no condoms. Silly.

    At any rate, let’s grow up and stop name calling because of peoples personal preferences. Except for women who like really tall guys. They’re heightist (I’m 5’6″) :-P

    • Joe Says:

      To extend your comments, the insinuation that male interest in shaving is “because of” porn is silly, as is the oft suggestion that guys want to do other sexual things “because of” porn.

      News flash to women. Save for rather extreme things that few men are interested in (though some) there isn’t much a male hasn’t imagined as a teenager even without pornography. Pornography represents their fantasies, it doesn’t create them.

      What porn does for SOME men is make SOME sexual things appear more commonly desired by women than they really are. (I used heavy conditionals since no matter what you dream of, sexual or otherwise, someone, somewhere really likes doing it.)

    • Paula Says:

      Horace — my comment about “prepubescent” was made before you or any other guy in this thread commented on the topic — it was part of the “what do you do and spend to get ready for a date” topic. So it’s not all about you, sorry to say.

      And it’s a factual statement — female and male genital areas do not develop hair until puberty. You guys are the ones who are getting all bent out of shape about it and considering it an insult.

  15. DrivingMeNutes Says:

    I’m one of those guys that doesn’t have a preference. In fact, I’d prefer women change it up – the more variety, the better. I will do the same. Bring it. And, yes, I will buy you dinner.

  16. anon Says:

    I’m a woman and I prefer to keep it bare and I like that whatever guy I’m dealing with keeps it bare or closely trimmed.

    When I went through puberty and got the bush I was upset and shaved it all off. I like the clean look. I’m really surprised that so many women are for having a bush. I thought bare was pretty much the norm.

  17. 01 Says:

    So what’s the feeling on men keeping it bare? I’ve been shaving for almost 5 years now, but do keep the happy trail and a “shelf” there, everything else is shaven. I haven’t gotten any negative reactions and a few very positive ones, but regardless, keeping stuff neat and tidy is always a good thing, and you don’t need to keep it bare to do so.

  18. Really Rosie Says:

    When my marriage ended, I did some online research and pretty much assumed that I would need to shave bare because most men nowadays expect it. The younger they are, the more so. I am 47 and have always trimmed (Latin background so I kinda HAVE to unless I want to look like a woolly mammoth) but have been shaving daily since 2009, whether I have boyfriends or not. Just easier to do it all the time than go back and forth with it.

  19. WO7 Says:

    My personal preference is bare.

    I would never demand it of any woman. That’s absurd and rude. I will requested it of anyone I’ve dated for more than 3 months that doesn’t already maintain it this way. So far, not a single woman has refused. From my experience, at least 70% of the women I’ve been with were already shaved (or nearly so) without having to ask.

    Bare feels so much better for giving oral. I enjoy observing the “labia” or whatever is the proper term that I got bashed for not using before. It feels better when rubbing a woman’s clitoris. I have found that it usually smells better as well.

    Frankly, for whatever reason, I associate hair anywhere other than the top of the head and eyebrows with masculinity. So the less hair on a woman’s body the better for me.

    As for me, I have an electric razor. I use the trimmer to trim everything down there. Sometimes I also use the shaving head to shave it. I have been too scared to try a real razor, because I have no idea how to do it without cutting myself. I seem to cut my face 50% of the time when I shave, and it’s a lot easier to navigate then my pubic region. Since I have no real desire for a woman’s mouth to be on my balls or anywhere else but my cock…I imagine that my trimming routine is sure to keep any and all pubic hair from touching the woman, and the little stubble that is there certainly doesn’t retain the odors that the bush does.

    • Paula Says:

      “Since I have no real desire for a woman’s mouth to be on my balls…”

      I don’t want to hijack the thread, so maybe we can take this to “Coffee Talk,” but really?

      What about the other guys posting here? I haven’t met a guy yet who doesn’t really seem to enjoy having his balls licked and sucked. And according to Moxie’s class, “If there is one thing that is universally asked for by men during oral sex it is Ball-play.”

      If I was dating you, and you denied me oral sex without me agreeing to shave bare — and you didn’t enjoy my mouth on your balls — I couldn’t imagine a higher level of sexual incompatibility, unless we were exclusive or married and not having sex at all.

      • chuckrock Says:

        I love it. Fondle, squeeze, lick and suck on them all you want. The rougher the better! :)

      • WO7 Says:

        Personal preference. I’m not claiming the average guy does or doesn’t want ball play. But I don’t. And since I don’t, it probably makes little difference whether I trim tightly or shave. And I’m pointing out that I’m not unwilling to try shaving, I’d just need some help learning how to do it.

        I didn’t say I would “deny” oral sex from someone who refused to shave it bare. I said I wouldn’t do it as often as I would if it was bare. And it’s not like I’d make an ultimatum or anything. I’d ask for it to be shaved once I felt like we had the level of comfort to do so, and if she said no, then oh well. She would have no idea I was doing oral it less, because she’d never know what I was like when it was bare.

        • Paula Says:

          I love giving oral sex, but I will not do it regularly if a woman doesn’t keep it bare.

          If you’re not doing it regularly, I’m going to know, believe me. (Just how stupid do you think women are?)

          And, I’m going to dump your ass, because there are guys out there who will do it each and every time, whether it’s full bush because I didn’t know they were going to be around, or trimmed neatly. Plus, they love it and are really really good at it.

          We know the difference between guys who only will do it if all the planets are in alignment and those who truly love it and are thrilled about every opportunity they have to engage. Just as you know the difference between women who give head because they’re expected to and those who really enjoy sucking cock and rocking your world when they do it.

        • Angeline Says:

          I find it hypocritical that you have so many lines in the sand about whether a woman is bare or not; so much advice on whether it is uncomfortable or not, and you haven’t even tried it yourself. I’ll offer my own opinion on whether or not it matters – even if she’s not doing the balls, it does. A. Lot. We’re just as likely to get hair in the teeth or on the tonsils as a guy is, so why not ask her preference as well, when you’re having that conversation listing YOUR preference.

          Most of the other guys commenting here are saying they prefer it, but that it’s her choice because she has to live with the hassle of doing it and the between-shave discomfort. You’re the only one making such bald statements of ultimatum while being personally unwilling to do the same. Ballsy.

    • Paula Says:

      Oh, and stop with the persecution complex already. Pointing out that you used an incorrect term for the female anatomy (which you did) is not bashing you. I don’t confuse your penis and testicles (and it sounds like I better not), so please show me the courtesy of calling my body parts by the right names.

      • WO7 Says:

        You can pontificate all you want. I have never EVER heard a man refer to the area “correctly” as the “vulva” in casual conversation.

        “I love looking at your vulva!” Right…

        I highly doubt anyone was confused about what I was talking about by calling it a vagina. So your “correction” was just a pot shot to demean my intelligence. It’s the same thing when people correct spelling or grammar during a discussion. It’s petty and not relevant.

        • Paula Says:

          I have never heard a guy say “I love looking at your vagina” either. Usually if a guy is talking about it, he’ll use some kind of slang, or preferably, his mouth will be otherwise engaged. But if he’s having a nonsexual conversation, he’ll call the parts by their proper names.

          You don’t have to blame me for demeaning your intelligence. I’m perfectly happy to let your words stand for themselves.

  20. DrivingMeNutes Says:

    “I’ve had a number of guys say exactly the opposite, wondering why women are so eager to get rid of all the hair there, as they find pubic hair sexy.”

    I had a recent experience of a woman being self-conscious because she hadn’t gone waxing. And, when I told her “oh, that REALLY doesn’t matter” she accused me of lying (similar to what Crotch Rocket i think suggested above.) I wasn’t.

    I agree with most of Paula’s points on this post and I’m going to add to them from a man’s perspective. First of all, I think a lot of women are overly concerned with “men’s preferences.” That is- not the preferences of the man they are with (as they should be), but the preferences of men in general. And a lot of that, I think, comes from media which is heavily generated by and geared toward women and homosexual men. So, you’re getting a really skewed perspective about male preferences. .The point for women is that heterosexual men may actually enjoy things about women that women don’t really understand. Similar to the way some women prefer “hairy men” because it’s “masculine” and guys don’t really get why? It’s the same for guys. Yes, guys may like you manicured, pedicured, brazilian waxed, dolled up for a night on the town, etc. but they may also REALLY like you when your hair is stringy and makeup running on your face and, yeah, a little stinky, because your have sex appeal. Or, with a full bush. I don’t think guys universally dislike that, by a long shot, even for oral sex. Sex is not “supposed” to be neat, clean and odor free. To me, something is, shall we say, not quite right with men who are overly concerned with cleanliness, neatness and turned off by natural female body odors. (Body hair enhances those odors, but shouldn’t that be good thing?)

  21. Selena Says:

    DMV: ” I think a lot of women are overly concerned with “men’s preferences. ”

    I agree. Women are influenced by what they are are told by media are “men’s preferences” and many then convice themselves it is what they prefer themselves.

    Leg shaving came about during the 1940’s when nylons became a scarcity during the war. Since the fashion back then was women always wearing skirts or dresses that exposed the calf, the fad became to shave your legs so that men (presumably) would see your bare legs the same as if you were wearing nylons. In reality, men in intimate relationships were quite accustomed to their partner’s natural legs with hair. The “fad” became part of culture and continued for most even after women wearing pants became accepted and commonplace. So commonplace that now in the US we find it odd if a woman doesn’t shave her legs.

    The “fad” of a woman shaving her vulva is relatively new. I’ve no doubt it arose with the easy accessibility of porn and women convincing themselves this is what men prefer. The irony is men (some) didn’t actually prefer bare pussy until they were with a number of women who had one. Anyone who’s sex life goes back more than 15 years, was attracted by au nautrale. Including giving oral.

  22. Josie Says:

    Well I’m disappointed.

    I presume since you are all commenting on this topic that you are in fact adults. I was really hoping to be able to gain a mature insight into people’s opinions of this topic, but apparently I have come to the wrong place. All this asked for was your personal preference, not what you think of other peoples.

    This whole ‘it’s my body and I’ll do what I want with it and if men don’t like it they can fuck off’ attitude is completely uncalled for. Of course it’s your body! No one on this forum is asking you to change it, they are merely offering their insights as the topic requested.

    If you don’t care about a man’s opinion then why are you on here? And men if you won’t go down on a natural girl then you may find your options limited, but hey, this is supposed to be about personal preference.

    I cannot believe all the arguing this topic has caused. I think some of you ought to think less about growing pubic hair and more about growing up.

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