Is This Why Your Dating Profile Isn’t Working?

Name: Bree
Question: Not a question, but I saw this article:

“Researchers have figured out the one thing not to do in your online dating profile”

It’s about “bragging” or “trying to hard” in a profile.

Just something I’d like to see your thoughts about if you want. I love reading your blog!
Age: 42


From the article:

To set yourself apart from the herd, you might be tempted to highlight or exaggerate your accomplishments. But paradoxically, new research suggests that is not the way to go.

A recently published study from researchers at the University of Iowa looked at how specific kinds of content in online dating profiles changed people’s perceptions of the profile’s owner. They found that trying too hard to impress someone was one common downfall.

To perform the experiment, the researchers created four different profiles that differed along two basic dimensions. One of those dimensions was what they call “selective self-presentation,” or the degree to which people emphasized the best parts of themselves and minimized the worst. The second dimension they looked at was “warranting” — basically, backing up any written claims by including some kind of evidence, such as detailed personal information that could be verified online, or links to a third-party professional site that could verify their biography.

Basically, this study theorizes that people are more willing to respond to your profile if you can back up your moderate amount of claims. Personally, when I see links to outside websites I assume the person is only there to promote themselves of their services. I mean, have these people not heard of fake testimonials? People lie on their Linkedin pages all the time. They also write their own reviews. Nothing being mentioned in the profile is actually being proven.

And really, who wants to give away that much personal information to any rando using a dating site or app?



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6 Responses to “Is This Why Your Dating Profile Isn’t Working?”

  1. No Disrespect Says:

    I’m not going to change my behavior based on one study. They may have only had two test subjects/used questionable statistical analyses/already had a conclusion in mind before they even created the test study conditions… etc.

    Most people never read your profile. It’s all about the pictures. Or lack of. The end.

    • Parenting Says:

      No need to hypothesize about the validity of the study. There’s a link to the study above. There were 316 subjects.

      • No Disrespect Says:

        316 subjects. Umkay. Maybe when there are 20,000 subjects, I’ll take it seriously.

      • Bill Says:

        316 subjects who were told that their choices were being studied… THAT right there invalidates it in my mind. What people REALLY do and want on dating sites isn’t necessarily what they will do/say to researches when they know their being watched.

        Also, nothing in the article indicated male versus female preferences… which are widely different. Most guys on sites ONLY look at pictures. Period. And, the better the pictures, well, the better, lol!

        • Parenting Says:

          I didnt say the study was well constructed. I said that there was no need to speculate about the sample, variables or parameters because there is a link to the study. Lol.

          I agree that 316 is woefully low number among other problems. I hate it when magazines present pseudo-science as fact.

          “Most guys on sites ONLY look at pictures. Period.”

          Please provide a link to your research.

  2. D. Says:

    I thought nobody was reading profiles anymore?

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