Real Life Gone Girl


If you’ve got some down time today I urge you to read this 6 parts series from the LA Times.

The next morning, Shaver sat in the police chief’s conference room surrounded by department brass and detectives, walking them through a case that had quickly seized the interest of the command staff.

It seemed a much stranger scenario than a suburban mom with a pot-and-pill habit.

He had asked Kelli Peters:

If the drugs aren’t yours, how did they get in your car?

“I have an enemy,” she said.

The one thing they never determine in this series is the couple’s motive. My guess? Narcissism. What do you think?

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2 Responses to “Real Life Gone Girl”

  1. Miranda Says:

    Fascinating read, definitely would make an excellent screenplay.

    I also suspect narcissism is in play. Jill is a cold mother and resented the PTA Mom’s kindliness towards her son. Jill is clearly psychotic for confronting her lover’s wife after the breakup as well.

    My hunch is the couple never expected to get caught. They underestimated the police force’s determination to solve the case and the prosecutor’s desire to go to trial.

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  2. BTownGirl Says:

    Narcissism makes sense to me. As I understand it, true narcissists see their children almost solely as an extension of themselves, so basically it would read to these loons like “She left US outside! How dare she!” and shit got real from there.

    I mean, to see the mild version of this, anyone can just scroll on through their Facebook newsfeed. You know those parents who are posting liiiiiterally 30 pictures a day of their kids? Who are they doing that for? Is their toddler desperate for the likes? Is anyone outside of their family/close friends clamoring to see an endless stream of pictures every darn day? Nope. It’s to feed their own bottomless need for attention/admiration. It’s gross, if you ask me!

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