Tin Foil Hat Time Part Deux

October 4th, 2016

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Now I’m pissed that I took down the original post I wrote about this.

The Team of Men Behind Rachel Brewson, the Fake Woman Whose Trump-Fueled Breakup Went Viral 

I called it. I called it. I called it.  I knew she was fake. Lol xoJane and their staff of talking monkey editors.


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5 Responses to “Tin Foil Hat Time Part Deux”

  1. Anne Says:

    Uugh. Well, I find Trump voters to be generally deplorable, but it is with great shame (also as an I-got-laid humblebrag), that I have to admit I had the best sex in a long time with a Trump voter. He wouldn’t cop to it at first, but he admitted it as he was dumping me a few weeks later (how mortifying, dumped by a Trump voter). He said it as kind of a fuck you: “Bla, bla bla … and I’m voting for Trump!”

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  2. Speed Says:

    As to the fake article, I almost have to applaud the creators for their brashness and success. No doubt all this hoopla is going to make their bank accounts even fatter.

    And even though the story is fake, there are more than a few Red-Blue couples, families and marriages in this country. I think a mature person should be able to say “Okay, my friend/partner/spouse/sibling isn’t with me on this issue, so let’s either respectfully debate it once and a while, or maybe just avoid it altogether.” It’s not realistic to expect everyone around you to have your exact same ideas on life. And even if someone shares most of your philosophy, it doesn’t at all mean he or she is a good partner for you: “This woman is blatantly cheating on me right and left, but it’s all good because she votes Libertarian like me.” No.

    Which is why the long “must share my same passions/life philosophies/politics” that appear on so many dating profiles, in my opinion, are a type of self-sabotage: it’s extremely difficult to find your philosophical clone, and even if you did, it doesn’t mean he/she is a good partner. I think this has been heatedly discussed here on this blog several times before. As I recall, many people wrote, to paraphrase, “I feel very passionately about X (environment, social justice, taxes, improv comedy, etc.), so my partner has to feel that same passion.” I understand the logic. I’m just not sure it’s a way to get a partner.

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  3. KK Says:

    Bwahahaha. Hahaha. I remember both those articles. It is nice to know no one that freaking stupid exists and didnt her “ex” enter the comnents defending himself? Ha

    On xojane it says the dudes were directing marketing to their site. But…what site was that?

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    • ATWYSingle Says:

      I think they were driving traffic to Review Weekly. Watching XO scramble to act like they have NO IDEA how this slipped through the cracks is delicious. That site and those editors have generated so much bad will among their peers. Idiots.

      Gotta say I love that Anna threw in that video of Mandy and Pat. The shade. THE SHADE!

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      • Yvonne Says:

        I checked out that site. Looks like they review dating sites, especially niche dating site. But why? And one of the editors is none other than”Rachel Brewson”.

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