Proof Speeddating Works – Read Her Engagement Story

November 10th, 2016




Next month I’m getting married to the MOST AMAZING man I ever met, and I met him on December 6, 2014 at one of your speed-dating events. We’d love to send you an invitation. What mailing address may I send it to?

My very best,



That’s amazing! What great news. My address is XXXXXXX. That’s so sweet of you to think of me.



I absolutely think of you! I’m off the market but I’m still on the ATWYS mailing list; I love reading the articles and their responses. When new ATWYS emails comes in, I often remember our brief correspondence long ago.

I’d replied to an email about possible cancellations at an event taking place that evening. I tried to register several times throughout the afternoon but my phone repeatedly froze at the end of the process. I couldn’t tell if the latest attempt worked so then I’d email you. I was becoming increasingly frustrated and was worried you would move on to someone whose phone did not have similar technological impairments. Eventually Apple got it together and I pulled on a pair of rubber boots and headed out into the rainy night and (unbeknownst to me) straight into my future.

Sometimes when asked how X and I met I am reminded how we could have been a near miss, but for your patience and willingness to go back and forth with me one soggy Saturday. Two years later he and I are still processing how much our lives have changed since we first met.

You played a key role in what ended up being the most important night of my life. In my head you’re credited, but it bothered me that you never knew that you introduced me to the most incredible human beings on the planet and certainly the best man I have ever known. I hope that doesn’t sound narcissistic; I’m just fascinated by how the tiniest deeds can result in the most dramatic changes in the course of our lives.

Read another success story.

And another.

She could have canceled. She could have gotten so frustrated that she gave up. She could have decided the rain was going to make her commute too difficult. But she didn’t. She took the leap of faith and put herself out there. And look what happened.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there appears to be something in my eye.


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7 Responses to “Proof Speeddating Works – Read Her Engagement Story”

  1. Speed Says:

    What an awesome and motivating story! Hope more of these can be published here, from time to time.

  2. fuzzilla Says:

    Aww! I agree – nice to see some success stories.

  3. Marysue lundy Says:

    Great story! Have to leave your apartment to meet people and you never know what could happen!

  4. BRM Says:

    I think luck plays a part, and karma. Some folks are just not destined to be in a relationship that lasts. It seems like all relationships start out on a high, but few are happy long term. It’s almost not worth the highs as the lows are guaranteed. Getting unmarried is painful too.

    It does seem like fewer people meet the old fashioned way.

    I think when you make another person your whole world and sex is good that the highs are amazing, but the end of the movie is ugly.

  5. BTownGirl Says:

    Congratulations to the happy couple! One of my friends has a similar story – she set up a date on JDate, almost cancelled because she had just moved from out of state, her car was acting weird and it was pouring. She didn’t cancel and met her husband (and Dad to her beautiful children) :). Sometimes you make your own fate!

  6. Eliza Says:

    It’s important to stay optimistic in life overall…and especially in dating…because it translates into positive energy when meeting people. For me, it’s part fate, and part initiative…and being persistent and stepping out of your comfortable routine, and going out to events – even alone if need be. Nice to read about these success stories. As a friend of mine (who is a trainer has said) – part of meeting your goals and getting what you want comes down to showing up. That’s 50% of it sometimes.

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