What Kind of Trashy Viral Stories Do You Love?

January 9th, 2017

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I’m wondering if I could pick your brains a bit. As you know, I’m working on my first novel and the backdrop is a woman’s online magazine. (Think Jezebel.) One plot point in the book revolves around a writer (think Rachel Brewson of xoJane infamy) whose story goes viral. Obviously, what made “Brewson’s” story a hot topic was that she was dating a Republican during a volatile presidential campaign. I’m trying to think of another story angle that would generate that kind of controversy.  Any suggestions?

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5 Responses to “What Kind of Trashy Viral Stories Do You Love?”

  1. Nia Says:

    I’m not sure if this counts as “trashy” (in the sense that it’s actually quite serious) but I followed the downfall of supposed male feminist Hugo Schwartz very closely. The revelation that he, in a drugged out state, tried to end his and his then-girlfriend’s lives, wrote about it, then walked it back after a huge backlash, then had a public Twitter meltdown, then took a hiatus and went to rehab, and then went back to the same ol’ shit (like having a fantasy relationship with a much younger woman he met in rehab, ugh) was *pretty fascinating*.

    Also, the Hulk Hogan lawsuit that Peter Thiel used as a fulcrum to get revenge on Nick Denton for outing him—what a catty tangle! And Nick lost Gawker and all his other Kinja projects over it!

    Emily McComb’s series “Blame it on the Alcohol” on XOJane discusses her cross addictions: sex, alcohol, shopping, drugs, and, to some degree, the self-hatred that fuels it them. It’s candid and raw, and pretty well written, and self aware.

    Cat Marnell’s dishy, silly, rambling articles that mesh confession and “beauty tips”


    These crazy articles by Elizabeth Wurtzel (the author of “Prozac Nation” and other books). It’s a…reflection on what it means to be a young super star and try to grow up and it is HILARIOUSLY self indulgent


    There is a blog called The Last Psychiatrist (it’s deep, and very dark, but a fascinating, mind blowing read) and xie breaks down a self indulgent article in the Atlantic called “Let’s call the whole thing off”

    Here’s the breakdown with xie’s (I’m not sure what gender the Last Psychiatrist is) notes, which are super bitchy and fun:


    Well, hope that gives you a starting place!!

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  2. Parenting Says:

    In the current charged political environment dating a Trumpkin is hard to compete with. How about dating a Muslim, an ex-con or someone who loves Putin.

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    • Parenting Says:

      Or a passionate sympathizer of a radical group or government but not one as nuts as isis. Something like PKK, Kim Jung Un or Castro.

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  3. Vita Says:

    My favorite kind of cringe viral read are things like that woman who lied about her gap year in Africa as being a white savior in a dangerous warzone when she was mostly just chilling out at a resort- basically terrible privileged people being slapped in the face. Would be hard to make that kind of character sympathetic though.

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    • fuzzilla Says:

      That’s a brilliant idea. I’m not sure from context if the character needs to be sympathetic or not.

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