Is She a Bad Person For Sleeping With Another Woman’s Man?

February 7th, 2017

Cheating, NEW!



The trill of my Facebook messenger woke me from a late afternoon cat-nap.

“Do you have  a minute?” Nina*, a long time online friend asked.”I just found something out and I really need some advice. I’m too close to it.”

I threw my legs over the side of my bed and stretched out a yawn. From the urgency in her message and her penchant for writing cryptic status updates about dates gone wrong, I sensed I needed to be laser sharp for this.

“What happened?” I asked in my reply.

“So there’s this guy,” she began.

That’s always how it starts, isn’t it? It’s never, “Everything is going swimmingly and…”

“I met him on Tinder. We’ve been dating a couple months.”

“Stop,” I said. “Define ‘a couple of months.’ ” People like to round up in these situations. three weeks is  a month, six weeks is two, and so on. I find that most do it to give the relationship more validity. “How many times have you actually met up with him?”

“Four,” she said. “But we’ve texted almost daily the whole time.”

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6 Responses to “Is She a Bad Person For Sleeping With Another Woman’s Man?”

  1. EANx Says:

    Am I the only one disappointed you redirected the post to another site? Seems click-baitfish.

  2. Tao-dude Says:

    I think it’s one thing if you don’t know you’re sleeping with someone else’s partner, but once you find out the karma is on you. What goes around comes around. So knowingly continuing to see someone when you know they’re spoken for sets a negative energy and many times it comes full circle back to you in some form.

    I have a close friend at work who started a relationship with a women whom he knew was stepping out on her soon to be ex, I think this creates the cause for eventual fruition of these causes when the time is right. If not in this life then the next: I steel you wife this time, you take away the love of my life next time. And thus we have a world in decline. I’m glad I’m 52, I think the slide down the rabbit hole for humanity is about to accelerate.

    • Parenting Says:

      I dont know about Karma chaising you down in the next life but I do agree with the ethics issue of knowingly being an accessory to cheating. Sure the guy is the one with the commitment to his SO not the other woman, but it seems to me in the ballpark of accepting stolen money. You may not be the one stealing the money and it may be perfectly legitimate for you to accept a payment for whatever but its really bad form knowingly accepting a payment of stolen cash.

      Sleeping with this dude is one thing, but all of these questions suggest emotional investment on the part of the friend. I dont think this will end well.

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