Ever Picked Someone Up At The Gym?

March 10th, 2017

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Now, I’ll stop here to offer some transparency. This guy was handsome: reedy and lean;  dark wavy hair; and the highest, firmest apple butt I have ever seen. It’s distracting, really. We work out at the same time and he’s often right in front of me while I’m running and I find myself staring at that ass. Anyhoo…


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7 Responses to “Ever Picked Someone Up At The Gym?”

  1. Parenting Says:

    I havent but I wished I had the balls to do it. There were so many hotties!

    I have been picked up at the gym by a couple of guys who were very cute. Both turned out to be totally weird and never made it past date #2, but they were fun to look at.

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  2. fuzzilla Says:

    Oh, gawd. I work out at a community college rec center (membership through boyfriend’s job) and everyone is like 19 years old. I have another gym membership, too, but it’s kind of my backup if the rec center is closed because it’s much less convenient. I’m kind of the opposite in that I’m all about cardio and need to make myself do weights (I signed up for a weight lifting challenge in this weight loss group I’m in). Stability balls really are the bomb (the gym I don’t make it to as much has great classes).

    Anyhoo, as to the guy, it sounds like he’s just being friendly. I’d say try to crank it up a notch and invite him out for coffee or something IF you could easily shrug off a rejection and think nothing of running into him at the gym all the time. If you just wanna enjoy some flirty energy but not take it further, there’s no harm, really.

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    • mxf Says:

      Same, I work out at a university gym near my office (I’m alumni so the rate is good) and I really like that the vibe is more laid-back. Or, it’s more laid-back for me, because most of the guys working out there are a solid 10-15 years younger than me, and have been nothing but friendly and respectful. I can’t imagine any of them hitting on me or vice versa, and everyone is listening to music anyway, so I just focus on the weight training while I’m there.

      I go after work, so the makeup I have on is whatever is left from that morning. I agree with the other commenter – the shirts are really cute but those sleeves would drive me insane during a workout. My gym gear is a rotation of tanks and yoga pants. And I agree that the squat rack is one of the nicest places on earth :)

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  3. Mel Says:

    I know you asked for opinions, but that comment some guy left on your article was annoying. He certainly has strong feelings regarding body type, what body type is “natural” for a woman, and what you should wear.

    Like I said there, you look great. I like the outfits. But as long as you like them and feel comfortable and happy in them, that’s what matters. Dress for yourself and I think the confidence and happiness shine through. If I saw those outfits on someone at the gym, I’d probably want them.

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  4. Mandy Says:

    I think it’s fine to pick someone up at the gym, as long as it’s respectful to the person’s personal space and workout. It seems like your interactions with this guy haven’t been intrusive, so I’d suggest you keep up the chat, and escalate it a bit if you’re interested.

    The only thing I find odd about your outfits is that they’re long sleeve. Do you really workout indoors in long sleeves? That seems so weird to me. If you were throwing those shirts on over a tanktop to go to/from the gym, I think it’d be fine. I don’t think they’re too “dressy” for the gym.

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    • KK Says:

      I think it is sexy look. Actually, though as a straight girl, hardly the target audience. I gotta say though that my gym has a fair number of religious Jews and Muslims so they work out in long sleeves

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  5. Nicki Says:

    Flirting at the gym – In a normal gym situation I don’t think it’s wrong. Just be mindful of how you’d feel if a guy was doing it to you. I say a “normal gym” because I go to an MMA gym and it’s a completely different beast.

    The shirts – I think they are super cute and look comfortable. Is it normal for women in NY to wear those type of shirts to the gym? I’m in the Midwest and I know people here would give those shirts (especially with makeup) some side eye and think the woman was there solely to meet guys. With all of that said, you need to do and wear what feels right for you. If you like those shirts and you want to wear makeup then you should do precisely that. I don’t think it’s wrong at all or you’re wrong at all.

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