How Do You Find a Man When You’re an Unconventional Woman?


I find myself wanting to get out more and be around people. I joined a few Fitness-related Meetups, but was disheartened to see that I was one of the few “older” members. I suppose I could start a fitness group for 35+ members, but I know it will end up being mostly women that join. The idea of meeting men offline is looking more and more favorable to me. Something about me is more open these days. I’m being approached more. Besides believing that online dating and dating apps are now an exercise in futility, it seems like every week there’s a new story about a man using these platforms to exorcise his rage at women. Take this latest story for example:

‘You are one fat mother f***er’: Tinder user purposely swipes right to a woman on the app just so he can body shame her and tell her to ‘stay in her league’ in a series of rude messages

What is happening to society? How many stories like this have we heard lately? I’m convinced apps like Tinder are full of people (men and women) who are so banged up from the dating process that all they can do is lash out. Sure, some women jump out of the gate with questions about what a man does for a living. That’s obnoxious. But I have yet to see a case of a woman being this intentionally malicious.


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