Is He Assertive or Just Angry?

Last year, I matched with a guy on Bumble. He had a full time job in one field, but was also a fitness trainer. Me being me, I asked him right off the bat (after he suggested we meet) if he was using Bumble to find clients.

Bad move. He said he wasn’t, wished me luck, and unmatched me.

Fast-forward a year, and we match again. Only this time I didn’t really care if he was just looking for clients as I have been asking around for personal trainer recommendations. Now, I don’t know if he doesn’t remember me or if he, like me, was like, “Why not?” In any case, just like the first time we spoke, he got right to it.


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2 Responses to “Is He Assertive or Just Angry?”

  1. Bree Says:

    He’s short.


    He’s using the app for casual hookup sex. If he “wastes” any time chatting before meeting in person, he risks being asked for his height. Another clue: short guys often compensate with body building or martial arts, hence his leading off with the fitness theme.

    The date will be super easy to set up, and he’ll be there early so he can already be sitting down by the time you arrive.

    I would be surprised if this is not the case.

  2. Timothy Horrigan Says:

    The story actually doesn’t say if he’s short or tall.

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