He Wasn’t Angry or Assertive. He Was Just a Douche.

Friday came and went and this guy never followed up with me about tonight. I will bet any amount of money he was waiting for me to follow up with him. You know, to see how serious I was. Oh well. Guess I failed his second test.

Let’s talk for a minute about how this guy has the balls to demand that only women with the time and energy to date should swipe on him and then he goes and blows me off.




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One Response to “He Wasn’t Angry or Assertive. He Was Just a Douche.”

  1. Zaire Says:

    Lately, there have been so many jerkoffs on OLD sites. In a way it’s a good thing you didn’t meet. You just would have found out he was a douche later on.

    On Thursday I was suppose to meet with a guy I’d been chatting with for a week or so We set the date on Sunday afternoon and he texts me Wednesday right before midnight “when does the venue close? I have practice that evening” WTF, seriously? I tell him to google it and it’s up to him if he goes or not, either way I’ll be there.

    He proceeds to accuse me of “kinda catfishing” him and looking nothing like my pics…despite live video chatting and sending conformation pics (I know you’ve said people who require this step are suspicious and entitled. I’ve officially confirmed this and learned my lesson). In hindsight he was probably fishing for nudes and when I didn’t deliver I was sudden a catfish, not his type, etc.

    The week before that I went out with a guy I initially ignored. He let me know that he messaged me because I’m “thick in all the right places” and likely had a “bubble butt” which is apparently “hard to find” and he was so glad we finally got to meet. I asked if he had any other criteria for a woman and he goes on to say he really like a specific type of nipple and breast size. Needless to say, I got up and walked out.

    As much as it sucks to be blown off I’d prefer that to my current situation. Sorry to hijack I’ve just had really bad luck this last month online and needed to vent.

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