No, You Shouldn’t Use a Groupon On a First Date

April 5th, 2017



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Comment: Do you think it is acceptable for a man on a first date to visibly use a groupon on a woman? The check comes and he pulls out the groupon to pay or assist the bill. He has no shame in his game.
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City: North Wales
State: Pennsylvania

I don’t care how elitist or snobby this makes me sound, but I think using a Groupon on a first date screams not just cheap but uncouth.  There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to spend a lot on a first date, just don’t be obvious about it. It’s not  about believing a man should pay X amount to prove to a woman she’s worth  the investment. It’s about not making yourself look like you’re one of those people who refuses to invest even the tiniest bit until you’re sure you’re not being taken for a ride.

Save the deals and coupons for when you know someone a little more and they have a better idea of your personality. The end goal of a first date is for both people to avoid feeling uncomfortable. If a guy whipped out a Groupon I’d experience second-hand embarrassment for him for being so socially inept.



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6 Responses to “No, You Shouldn’t Use a Groupon On a First Date”

  1. Bluegrass Says:

    Yeah, good point. With Groupon in particular, I find there are all sorts of stipulations (sometimes unwritten) that make redeeming the coupons inconvenient. I think the main thing is, if you’re trying to save money, do it in a way where they can’t see the strings. Things are a little awkward on a first date even without struggling to meet the conditions necessary to get a deal. It’s like, if a couple of singles are on a first date, and the guy says “They have 2 for 1 steak, so could we get the steak?”, that’s obviously a bad look. Well, coupons are smaller versions of that. They constrain people’s choices, which puts a damper on the fun they imagine they could have if they continue dating you.

    • Selena Says:

      It wouldn’t bother me if someone paid for a first date using a coupon. But whipping out the coupon to tell me what I could order to fulfill the coupon stipulations at the start…could be awkward.

  2. Vandellish Says:

    Depends on what type of woman you are dating. I used not one but two Groupon deals on my first date with a lady and we had an excellent dinner and cruise followed by a full priced horseback ride. She loved the fact that I was “frugal-minded” as she put it.
    That was summer 2014. We are engaged to be married next summer. Everyone is different folks so find someone who loves the REAL you because dammit you can’t help but be you.

  3. EANx Says:

    So if she is paying for the first date, should she avoid groupons as well? If you aren’t paying, why should you care how the other person is settling the bill, as long as they are?

  4. Philly Gal Says:

    I am frugal as hell, so I would be fine with this. But I also get how people would see this as tacky. It’s a gray area to me

  5. Nia Says:

    I feel like it’s okay to use Groupon, but discreetly. For the same reason that you don’t talk about exes, bodily functions, surgery, politics, religion, etc, on a first date: it’s too much. The date should be about getting to know someone in a light, romantic way—not getting ALL the dirt (like that you’re ultra frugal and/or on a super-tight budget) on the first go-round.
    It’s okay to be frugal and it’s okay to be real, but leave some mystery out there to find out for dates 2-infinity.

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