Reflections Of An Almost Fifty Year-Old Woman

April 26th, 2017

Feminism, Moxie 101, NEW!, Women On Top


People look at me or my photos and say I don’t look my age, but I do. This is what forty-eight looks like. I am by no means an anomaly. I look around that yoga studio every week and see women ten to twenty years my senior twisting and contorting themselves into shapes I only can dream of making with my body.  The only reason people never guess my age or act so shocked when I reveal it (besides politeness) is that they stop paying attention to us and therefore do not have an accurate frame of reference. We’re written off as no longer being valuable and vibrant. I want to turn fifty, do a book tour and press, and use that platform to show society that it doesn’t end at thirty-five or forty or fifty. On the contrary; it’s just beginning.


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