Because F*ck Him, That’s Why

Do I strike you as someone who weeps at insignificant things? Exactly. That’s how wrecked and self-conscious and inadequate I felt. Intensifying those feelings are my tours of Instagram looking for motivational work-out clips. I look at the bodies on those women then stand in front of my mirror naked and sigh. Yes, I see changes in my body. But I’m not losing weight as quickly as I’d like and now I worry my boobs are sagging. I used to get so many compliments from lovers about my breasts. Simon, the guy I’ve been casually hooking-up with for the last couple years, always tells me he loves them. (No, I don’t ask his opinion. He offers his compliments unsolicited. Granted, he’s usually inside me at the time and so maybe that’s not a great example, but I digress.)  That’s fine, I guess. It doesn’t make me less insecure, though.


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