To F*ck or Not To F*ck: That Is The Question



There are a number of reasons why I’ve bailed out of dating and writing a dating column, the primary one being that dating gave me agita.  The whole process of messaging  then meeting then performing like a seal with a ball on my nose for a stranger completely fills me with dread. The sense that I have is that, these days, nobody is taking dating seriously anymore. Apps are more a source of attention and entertainment for people than anything else. The only real connections made seem to be between private parts after three glasses of wine and a cheese plate. There was a time when I loved dating. It was an excuse to go shopping and get dressed up. Now? What do you mean I have to put on a bra? Ugh. Dating is haaaarrrd. Straight up sex is pretty much all I can handle right now. It’s all I want to handle, if I’m being honest.  I don’t wish to expend any mental energy on the charade of it all.



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