Don’t Take Dating Advice From Men Who Hate Women

There’s no advice in this podcast. It’s two douchey, shallow guys taking pleasure in “educating” women about how stupid they are. They perpetuate antiquated gender roles (“Women are relationship creators!”)  and laugh at how their brothers manage to bamboozle women over and over.  I love – absolutely love – how the trainer thinks he’s different. He’s not like other trainers. He’s a cool trainer. He’s all about building self-esteem.  Wygant’s contempt for women is palpable. His anger towards women who wouldn’t deign to fuck him is unmistakable.  He and the trainer take glee in slut-shaming women for wearing revealing clothes and posting bikini photos, basically – well, no, blatantly – saying, “You’re asking for it. If you didn’t dress like such a slut, guys wouldn’t use you.”


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