Guy Sues Woman For Rejecting Him


The upside to this frivolous lawsuit is that this loser will be dating his right hand for the foreseeable future. Ooh, he’s all riled up and going to teach her a lesson! What sad excuse for a human being.

Now, y’all know that this post – like so many on this site – is going to get a number of comments from trolls of the male and female variety saying the man is in the right. And here’s the thing: I agree with much of what he said. That she didn’t even reach for her wallet is unattractive and rude. That she was texting in during the movie was inappropriate. But a simple, “You know, you have really poor manners” text would suffice. But no, this cocknozzle has to make a big production out of the fact that she texted during the movie, when really fragile little ego is dented because this woman left the movie in the middle, thereby rejecting him. How dare she. Could she have been more gracious? Absolutely, but if this guy was creeping her out like she claims (and all signs point to that being the case)  I don’t blame her for making up an excuse and leaving.


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