What Is Your OKCupid, Tinder & Bumble Match Rate?

June 15th, 2017

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Speaking of men and relationships, I still have my OKCupid profile up, but I foresee it being disabled by the end of the week. The rejection is doing a job on my psyche.  I do not get one response to the emails I send out. Not one. But then, I respond to literally zero of the messages I receive, so it makes sense that nobody responds to me.

I’m genuinely curious to hear other people’s experience with this: what is your response rate with THE APPS AND dating sites like Match and OKCupid?



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3 Responses to “What Is Your OKCupid, Tinder & Bumble Match Rate?”

  1. Poppy Says:

    I first started Tinder almost four years ago. I’ve lost count of how many Tinder dates I have been on since then, but have never had an actual boyfriend come of Tinder. My last boyfriend came from match.com, and after ending our 11-month long relationship I decided to give tinder another chance. I dated a string of twenty something year olds from tinder, and it led to nowhere. However they were fun, worthwhile flings. I am a gal in my late 20’s, in case you were wondering. A few months ago I experienced a shift in my feelings on how to approach tinder. I decided to give the men on Tinder who are in their mid to late thirties a go. And so far, it has been a more rewarding experience for me. I have finally realized those are the men who are my wheelhouse, for some reason. I think tinder can work, you just have to know your audience

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  2. UWSGal Says:

    The response rate to emails on match that *I* send out is about 30%. I go through my “daily matches” every day which is 11 people and usually writ to 3-4 of them and usually 1-2 responds back. My own response rate is much lower but that is jut because i get bombarded by men who clearly don’t even fit he most basic criteria like location. After getting tired of getting emails from men in Austin and Montreal, I edited my profile saying “please live in NYC” at the end. And what do you know – the next 10 emails i got were from the guys outside of NYC. Can’t make this shit up. I don’t bother with those.
    And I don’t do tinder or apps

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  3. AC Says:

    I’m a 45-year-old man.

    I no longer use Tinder as it has become virtually useless.

    My response rate on OKCupid is in the 5-10% range.

    The problem I am noticing is that the profiles are becoming even more bland and lazily written than ever (Thanks Tinder for that one). This makes it harder to send an ice-breaking email as I like to reference something in the woman’s profile.

    The game has certainly changed a lot in the last three years.

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