Don’t Blame My Vagina For Your Insecurity

June 18th, 2017

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Now, I don’t believe that anybody is obligated to perform a certain sex act. When it comes to sex, everybody who has sex has different likes and dislikes. If a man or woman said that they just didn’t enjoy giving head, I’d shrug and say, “Okay.” I like giving head, and that’s why i do it. I don’t perform oral sex in order to get something in return. But I draw the line at someone who won’t go down on me because they have very obvious biases towards vaginas.

This dude can spare me all his assurances that he loves women and loves vaginas. He doesn’t. Know how I know that? Why, from these two lines:

Like most humans, I too have a sense of smell and that’s he [sic] first drawback. I never liked the smell, regardless of the level of hygiene a girl possessed.

And if it weren’t already hard enough to have it splattered against your face – with your nose pointing directly to the centre of the stench



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