Christan Marashio stopped providing conventional dating advice years go. Modern women need more than outdated “Dear Abby” platitudes redtop2concerning love, life and happiness. Her direct approach combines a decade of diverse relationship experience and a dedicated mission to help people get out of their own way to pursue their true goals.

Her popular daily advice column, And That’s Why You’re Single (R) provides readers with her distinctive analytical approach to dating, relationship creation and relationship management. Christan’s ability to look beyond people’s actions and delve deeper into emotional motivators and true intentions provide her readers with real-world guidance on how to manage – and overcome –  many of the obstacles preventing us from finding happiness.

She has helped thousands of people get out of their own way and improve their love lives by discarding long-held taboos, acknowledging their dating fears, managing expectations and creating realistic priorities for enduring love and happiness.

Christan began her mission more than ten years ago when, after producing social events for young professionals, she realized that the old rules of dating, feminism, marriage, sex and divorce were rapidly evolving.

In response, she created And That’s Why You’re Single (R) to provide advice and create a public dialogue. Through these two successful endeavors, Christan has helped thousands of professionals make sense of their love lives by reassessing  gender roles and the influences that finances, technology and career have on a modern relationship.

Christan holds a communications degree from Emerson College and routinely calls upon her keen understanding of non-verbal communication, statement analysis (interpreting the written word), and human behavior to help listeners and readers. Her education, coupled with more than a decade of real-world experience enables her to provide insightful and straightforward advice.





Some fun facts about me:

  *I’m the youngest of 5 daughters.

 *I was born and raised in Boston. My accent still comes out from time to time.

 *My original writing alias, Moxie, was inspired by my Dad’s love of the soda with the same name that was popular in New England.

 *The film “Good Will Hunting” encouraged me to create my own opportunities and start my business and column.

 *The spelling of my first name is due to my birthday being so close to Christmas. The duality of the masculine spelling of a feminine name seems fitting considering my writing voice is often assumed to be that of a male.




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