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First Date No No: Setting a Time Limit To The Date

January 13th, 2013


The people over at FriendFlirt gave my recent post about First Date Chemistry a shout out. Here’s an interesting suggestion from online dating coach, Laurie Davis: Laurie’s advice was that the first meeting should be between 45 minutes to an hour. Something low key and simple, just to see if you two click. You want […]

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Beware The Facebook Friend Collector & Guys Who Just Want to Be Friends

November 6th, 2012


Name: Lala Age: 28 State: MN Question: I recently separated from my husband. We are getting divorced and I have started dating. My ex has a serious girlfriend. I had an intense, horrible relationship with someone right out the door. I was not ready to date anyone and it ended very badly. This was very […]

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Great Dating Advice or Just A Way To Get Dumped?

August 28th, 2012


A friend just sent me this article this afternoon. The funny thing is that I actually have seen the OKC dating profile of the guy who wrote this. He admits that he’s a writer for I went to find it today so I could talk to him about this piece, but his profile is […]

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Is It Wrong for a Man To Challenge a Woman?

May 8th, 2012


  Interesting article over at The Frisky about “negging.” His teeny little profile picture was cute. He was the right age range and city. But when I opened the online dating message from this random dude, this is what he said: Isn’t feminism a little obsolete? Men and women are equal nowadays. In fact, the […]

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Is Slutty Really Such a Bad Thing?

April 14th, 2012


Name: Linda Age: 39 Question: My last relationship was very sexually intense. My Ex and I were very sexually compatible and had similar interests. I’ve been dating someone new for about 6 weeks. He’s more reserved than my Ex. The sex is great but I want to incorporate some of my fantasies into it. When […]

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Are You Really Prepared for a Relationship?

February 13th, 2012


Last week we were talking about a 36 year old man who had never had a relationship that lasted more than 6 months. A few women said that that was a major red flag. Which is understandable But let’s do a little critical thinking. What if he had had a relationship that lasted 3 years, […]

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How To Succeed In Online Dating Without Really Trying

February 8th, 2012


I’m sure many of you have read the latest study about online dating. I’m frequently asked to write people’s online dating profiles for them. I always tell them that I won’t do that. Not because I can’t or don’t want to but because I truly believe that what someone says in that About Me space […]

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Look for My Texts, But Not My Call

February 1st, 2012


An interesting post from Private Man I’ve been corresponding with a reader who is doing some good work on improving his dating skills. He was castigating himself for talking too much and revealing too much when on the phone with his current or potential dates. To help him limit his phone time, he now sets […]

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When Is The Right Time to Set Boundaries With Men?

January 26th, 2012


Name: Mimi State: NJ Age: 35 Comment: I met this guy during the holidays. We’ve been on 1 date and we’re gearing up for the second. I like him. He’s attractive & I’m attracted to him. We made loose weekend plans for a second date but he never followed up. He called to apologize saying […]

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Should Women Play Harder To Get When Dating Online?

January 11th, 2012


So here was an interesting scenario discussed at our he said/she said event. A woman was talking about her online dating experience on She said that she sent out a number of emails and got no responses. But then, in an attempt to switch things up, she started including her phone number in the […]

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