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Can A “Manwhore” Ever Commit? #atwys

July 30th, 2014


Alias (DO NOT USE A REAL NAME!!): Scarlett : Comment: I’ve been dating my 32 yr old boyfriend for over 8 mos now.  In the beginning we hit it off so well, unlike any relationship I’ve had (I’ve been in a handful of long term relationships) and we really enjoyed being around each other. Things […]

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Do You Keep Dating People You Can’t Trust?

March 3rd, 2014


Name: Catherine Comment: Hi, My boyfriend and I have been together for 9 months. It was difficult for me to enter another relationship as my past, long-term relationships were filled with him cheating and mistrust between the two of us. I tried it out anyway and we started the relationship well but he wasn’t the […]

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Dating After Betrayal: Once Bitten, Twice Shy

January 15th, 2014


Name: Candace Comment: I’m curious if you or your readers have any advice for dating again after betrayal.  My last relationship was two years ago which ended by being suddenly dumped and then finding out he’d been cheating on me for a month or two prior.  I gave myself time to heal from the experience […]

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When Do You Tell New Mates About Your Baggage?

August 5th, 2013


Name: Allison Comment: My dad took his own life at the beginning of this year.  I hadn’t been using my online dating account very much, and de-activated it for several months, since I obviously had other things on my mind.  However, recently, I have logged back in and started communicating with guys again.  Since my […]

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What Do You Do When Someone Is Trying to Steal Your Mate?

July 16th, 2013


Name: Barb Solomon Comment: Two years ago, and a few months before we started dating, my boyfriend came very close to sleeping with a married friend. They had been drinking at his home and although he was very close to being fully intimate with her and was in stages of undress, claims he stopped it […]

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Sex & Vulnerability: How Much Is Too Much And What Are The Risks?

March 14th, 2013


So, this article went up on The Frisky today and my head exploded.   We were fucking, he pulled out of me, and I saw his sperm on my pubic hair. ”You just came inside me?” I said, panicked. “Why didn’t you tell me first?” I hadn’t consented to him doing that. And I wouldn’t have consented […]

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Is He Keeping Their Relationship a Secret?

December 14th, 2012


Name: JMS58 Age: 54 State: MA Question: I have been dating a gentleman for 4 months. He lives about 40 miles away from me. He is 65 yrs old and I am 54 years old and I live with my parents since my divorce. I have been married and divorced once after a 23 year […]

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Sometimes You Have To Give a Guy a Chance

November 26th, 2012


Name: TcV Age: 34 State: Missouri Question: I am trying to understand the intentions of the last guy I dated in order to avoid any potential future mistakes.  I don’t think I made a mistake here, necessarily.  But, feedback would be great.  I have been a serial monogomist for most of my life, and this […]

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Even Men Get Played

September 24th, 2012


Name: Jeff Age: 45 State: Maryland Question: This has been an ongoing issue with a woman I’m dating. First the background: When this issue arose we are 4 months into this relationship, we are now at month 6+. Two weeks prior to this issue I had a minor crisis which caused us to spend far […]

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Beware The Man Who Commits Too Soon – Part Deux

March 2nd, 2012


Name: Carina State: FL Age:  32 Comment: Hi, Ive been with my boyfriend for 3 months now.  Things are going well and we are getting closer every day.  Ive met some of his friends and vice versa.  As most people, we have facebook accounts and we added each other from month 1.  We traveled together […]

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