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Is There Really a Lid for Every Pot?

February 22nd, 2011


Name: ConfusedinCali | | Location: Burbank , CA |Question: Moxie, I知 confused, frustrated,and tired of playing this dating game. When did getting into relationships get so complicated, or have they always been this way? It seems like for some people, finding a long-term mate is relatively simple. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. Move […]

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Are You Always The In Between Guy/Girl?

February 16th, 2011


Name: Lynda |  Location: New York , NY |Question: Hi moxie, I keep finding myself in the same situation.  I feel like I am always the in between girl.  Like after you break up with the crazy girl (or the long break from dating), but before they get married. I am like the fun girl […]

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One Woman’s Brutal “Truth” Behind Why You’re Single

February 14th, 2011


I had a post all ready to go about the beauty of the perfect cock shot. But this article just made me gird my loins in fear. Not crazy about the use of the word Slut to describe women who engage in casual sex. That aside, this article is so god damn spot on and […]

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Location, Location, Location

January 7th, 2011


Name: Mike | | Location: Brooklyn , NY |Question: Just was told “thanks but no thanks” today from an online dating prospect because I live in Brooklyn and not in Manhattan (or even better, her neighborhood), and I’m suddenly wondering how bad would it be to put that I live in Manhattan instead of Brooklyn. […]

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