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If You Have to Slut-Shame Another Woman To Get a Guy, You’re Doing It Wrong #atwys

July 27th, 2014


Alias (DO NOT USE A REAL NAME!!): ishemine : Comment: OK…so a friend brought a friend up for the summer to get him away from his bad life. Now my friends know I’ve been looking for love for years…the kind of love they have together… OK so in Short my friend (we will call him […]

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Do You Keep Dating People You Can’t Trust?

March 3rd, 2014


Name: Catherine Comment: Hi, My boyfriend and I have been together for 9 months. It was difficult for me to enter another relationship as my past, long-term relationships were filled with him cheating and mistrust between the two of us. I tried it out anyway and we started the relationship well but he wasn’t the […]

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Stop Pretending You’re Not Competitive With Other Women

May 10th, 2013


Name: Lucy Comment: I’m generally slightly flirtatious and am so without even trying. However I know about boundaries and would never have designs on anyone else’s man or chase after anyone who is clearly taken. I find this slightly distressing as on previous occasions, I have been accused of stepping over the line but that […]

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Beware The Man Who Commits Too Soon – Part Deux

March 2nd, 2012


Name: Carina State: FL Age:  32 Comment: Hi, Ive been with my boyfriend for 3 months now.  Things are going well and we are getting closer every day.  Ive met some of his friends and vice versa.  As most people, we have facebook accounts and we added each other from month 1.  We traveled together […]

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The Importance of Boundaries

February 7th, 2012


Tonight’s post was inspired by a piece written by a recent Guest Post writer, Jimmy. Recently, I came home and my girlfriend was not a happy camper.  Apparently I was in the doghouse for tweeting too many women on my Twitter account. For real? Thinking this was just her insecurities, I blew it off until […]

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