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Who You Date At 21 Probably Isn’t Who You Will Date At 31

May 5th, 2013


Name: Jen Comment: During my third year of undergrad, I became pregnant by my fiancée. We moved in together before we were married, but I’m glad that we did because he revealed his true colors. He became physically abusive, so I left him and no longer have contact with him. I am finishing undergrad and […]

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Best of Moxie – Would You Give Up Wanting Children For Mr./Ms. Right?

January 5th, 2011


Originally Posted October, 2010 – 33 comments Name: No kids |Location: NYC , NY |Question: I’m a 30 year old man who does not want children.  I  have not wanted children since I was a teenager but I thought that was normal and it would change. However, it has not. My brother and sisters all […]

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