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Minding The (Age) Gap

April 26th, 2012


Name: xyzed State: NY Website: Question: Is there an appropriate age gap when dating someone younger? I met a wonderful woman during a speed dating event and we have been dating exclusively during the past month. During our first conversation she asked what my age was and I was contrite and replied 48 Yr. She […]

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Condom Conundrum

February 2nd, 2011


Name: Jen || Location: sayerville , nj |Question: I have a dilemma Moxie. I’ve been seeing a guy for 1 month and we are exclusive. The problem is he doesn’t like condoms when he is in committed relationships. It’s not about the sex he says. It’s about the emotional connection he has with me and […]

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Best of Moxie – Would You Give Up Wanting Children For Mr./Ms. Right?

January 5th, 2011


Originally Posted October, 2010 – 33 comments Name: No kids |Location: NYC , NY |Question: I’m a 30 year old man who does not want children.  I  have not wanted children since I was a teenager but I thought that was normal and it would change. However, it has not. My brother and sisters all […]

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