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Can a Casual Relationship Ever Become Serious?

August 28th, 2013


Name: Jess Comment: I’ve been dating this guy who has been consistent, a complete gentleman, and very thoughtful. First date was coffee Second was dinner… he invited me back to his place for a movie but I politely declined as I had an early morning Third date he asked me to go hiking the following […]

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Are You The Catch That You Think You Are?

April 30th, 2013


Name: Sarah Comment: i’m 30, attractive, independent, confident, and have a successful job. I am the total package, but I can’t seem to attract the right guy for me. It seems that the guys I’m interested in aren’t interested in me and the ones I’m not interested in, like me. I’m actually trying to get […]

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READER RANT: When a Woman Says She’s “Traditional” What Does That Really Mean?

April 16th, 2013


Name: Phil Age: 29 City: New York State: NY Comment: I’m one of the many on this site (as it seems) who has been enjoying (or not at times) what it’s like to be somewhat young, single and in NYC.   Overall, I’d have to say I’ve enjoyed my dating life in this city.  Sure, there […]

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Sometimes You Have To Give a Guy a Chance

November 26th, 2012


Name: TcV Age: 34 State: Missouri Question: I am trying to understand the intentions of the last guy I dated in order to avoid any potential future mistakes.  I don’t think I made a mistake here, necessarily.  But, feedback would be great.  I have been a serial monogomist for most of my life, and this […]

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Things You Should Never Admit In a Dating Profile..Or Maybe Ever

August 2nd, 2012


When it comes to dating, there are certain confessions that people really should to themselves. I can remember reading a man’s profile once and came across something that gave me pause. He answered the question “Are you an honorable person” by saying that he wasn’t an honorable person int he past but was “working on […]

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I’m Not Going Home With You..And Other Lies

May 6th, 2012


My friend B. was in a bar the other night watching a game. In came a woman, by herself, who sat down right next to him. They chatted a bit as he watched the game. They flirt. They buy each other a drink or two. She tells B. that she’s not going home with him […]

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