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Many people will ask whether it’s appropriate that a 40something single woman is writing a dating advice column.

They have a point. I mean, if I’m so insightful and wise than why am I single? The answer is simple. I’ve probably experienced everything you’ve been through that led you here. You can learn from my insights as well as my mistakes.

My passion for and knowledge of the topic of dating covers many areas.  I hold a Bachelors Degree in Communications from Emerson College. While there,  I studied Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communications & Oral Interpretation. In addition, I’ve researched and studied non-verbal communication styles that include or involve statement analysis (interpreting the written word), body language and human behavior.    I’ve been writing about the topic if dating and leading seminars for the better part of 7 years here in NYC as well as in Boston and Philadelphia. For close to 10 years, I’ve organized several thousand social events for single professionals in DC, NYC and Boston. You’re not going to meet anybody with both the education and that kind of field research under their belt.

I’m not going to sugar coat things. I realize that that might be hard to take sometimes. In my opinion, that’s part of the problem. People are telling you what you want to hear because it’s what they want to hear. Or they’re telling you the truth and you’re misinterpreting their words to fit a specific narrative. Just know that everything here is said with the intention of helping people get out of their own way and get what they want. Most importantly, I understand human behavior and how both men and women think.

Nothing compares to my passion for the topic.  I have written this column for 7 years.  If I weren’t fascinated by the how we mate and interact, and I didn’t truly believe my insights were helpful and accurate, I wouldn’t still be here. We cover every possible topic – online dating, gender rules & stereotypes, infidelity, monogamy, exclusivity, hook up culture, feminism, social media, marriage, divorce. You get the picture.

The topic of dating and male to female dynamics is my passion. If you’re in any way spiritual, then you’ll understand when I tell you that my purpose in this life is to get men and women to really start talking and listening to each other.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll keep coming back and join the conversations.

“If you’ve had it up to here with dating advice from cheesy matchmakers, clueless dating experts, and women’s magazines, run, don’t walk, to hear what Moxie’s got to say.  With a keen understanding of what makes men and women tick, Moxie doles out her wisdom with wit and charm and a lifetime of experience. More than any other relationship guru, Moxie doesn’t sugarcoat reality, she serves it up on a silver platter and insists that you try a piece.” – Evan Marc Katz

Moxie is a thinker. With that being said, everything she supports has a sense of brilliance around it as well as her thought process when it comes to writing and her viewpoint on dating, sex and relationships. She’s doesn’t sugar coat or pussyfoot around a topic or opinion and that’s allowed her to carve her own space within the dating industry with such gusto, authenticity and vibrance. Reader be ware, you wanted the truth, you have it–if you’re reading something she’s written. And trust me, you’re going to want to keep reading, I do. – Nando, Dating, Sex & Relationship Blogger, Author & Speaker, nandoism.com

Some favorite topics:

  • Social Media & Dating

How have Facebook, Twitter, Hook Up Apps & Online Dating changed the way we meet, flirt and relate? With all the advances we’ve made in how to connect, what have been the set backs? How do we avoid getting caught up in or judging someone by the public vs. personal persona? Has this voracious need to over-share affected how we view intimacy as a whole? What are the side-effects of publicly blogging/sharing the intimate details of our love and sex lives?

  • Online Dating

The key to online dating is to know your market. So how do you best package and “sell” yourself so that you’re getting noticed by the right people? What have been the affects on men and women from predominately dating online? For the past 7 years I’ve offered people insight on how to write effective online dating profiles and spot red flags in others.  Just check out the category Dating Profile Reviews.

  • Gender Roles, Stereotypes and Double Standards in Dating & Sexuality

With all the advances we’ve made in both technology and equality, why are we still hanging on to traditional dating rules? How do we define and determine someone’s value in an age where financial and job security is no longer a given? What is causing so many people to take such a passive role in dating? How has female sexual empowerment affected, both positively and negatively, how women relate to and view men and vice versa? Is the double standard real or does it just exist in our heads?

  • The Male/Female Mystique and The Power of Effective Communication

This topic discusses how to translate and understand the different ways men and women think, process and communicate our feelings and needs. Too often we apply our personal expectations to the behavior of those we date and project our desires on to them. How do we avoid this? What are productive ways to communicate what we want out of a relationship? What are the signs to look for to determine if someone you meet has similar relationship goals and values?

I’m happy to customize and tailor a discussion specifically for your group or target audience. Let’s talk!









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