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How Dating Is Like a Ponzi Scheme

January 21st, 2013


Name: Tied Up Age: 36 State: Maryland Question: I met this guy online in December.  Immediately, we had great email, great banter, and I looked forward to his emails every morning, and he told me he looked forward to mine.  That went on for a couple weeks–he’s divorced with partial custody of kids, so I […]

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Any Port In a Storm – The Argument for Sleeping With Married People

December 8th, 2010


Im going to throw this topic at you …multiple part question….and see how you tackle it.  BEING SINGLE ..and SLEEPING WITH MARRIED PEOPLE. Setting aside religious beliefs, Is it right ?  Is it wrong ?  Do you believe in the whole karma aspect ? If you’re SINGLE and consort with and sleep with married people, is […]

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Under One Roof

December 6th, 2010


This was mentioned in a recent post and Ifeel like it got overshadowed by the bigger topic. I keep hearing stories about people who dated for 3, 6, 9 months and then decided to live together. Which, to me, seems fast. But then everything has been sped up, hasn’t it? The courting process, the dating […]

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