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Beware The Guy Who Says He’s Not ~That Guy~

January 3rd, 2018


Name: Lindsay : Question: Three weeks ago I was bored on vacation and decided to download tinder to meet some cute guys to party with or potentially hook up with. I ended up meeting this guy named Jon. At first glance I thought he was just another hockey boy with not much going up there. […]

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The Social Cues You Miss That Keep You Single

November 28th, 2014


Alias (DO NOT USE A REAL NAME!!): Alice : Comment: Hi Moxie, I have been enjoying reading your columns. It’s truly a guideline for me in a relationship. Actually I am about to move on but feel that still something bothers me. I’d like to hear your opinion. I met a guy online. Despite he […]

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The Greatest Dating Lies Ever Told

November 21st, 2011


Name: WHY THEY SAY THEY WILL CALL AND DON’T State: NY Age: 45 Comment: QUESTION FOR MEN:  WHY DO MEN SAY THEY WILL GIVE YOU A CALL WHEN THEY HAVE NO INTENTION OF DOING SO? Why not just say it was nice to meet you and then just run away and get out of there?  […]

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