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Is Having A Man The Only Thing You Care About?

January 2nd, 2013


Tweet Name: Princess Leia Age: 25 State: TN Question: How do I end up with a guy who only sees me as an option, for now? I met this incredible guy 5 years ago and he has told me he is not ready for a relationship because he is a musician but not the “typical” [...]

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READER RANT – Enough With The Alpha/Beta Man Talk

December 20th, 2012


Tweet Stop the whole alpha beta talk. It’s gibberish. The most dominant men in some ways are also submissive and passive in other ways. Many are insecure which makes them aggressive or dominant, because without the control, their insecurity would be laid bare. Some hide it better than others. The whole alpha beta crap applies [...]

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Guest Post – Nature, Nurture or Just a Desire to Get Off?

October 24th, 2011


Tweet Name: Horace City: Brooklyn State: NY Age: 36 Story: First, this is not an endorsement of promiscuity, or even polyamory. It’s just a statement of fact. The more we understand what truly motivates and emotionally validates ourselves and each other, the better our relationships can be. Men did not develop to be monogamous. It [...]

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