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How Do You Identify a Serial Dater?

June 11th, 2013


Name: Alex Comment: How do I identify a female serial dater that is just looking for a “free” night out? Any hints that I should look for either on her profile, messages or within the first few minutes of meeting? Age: 38 City: Woodside State: NY Okay. Let’s break this one down bullet point style. […]

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Should He Let Go of His Desire To Have Kids?

March 27th, 2013


Name: Brian City: New York City State: NY Comment: My divorce became final a few months and I’d like to start dating again. Since I would like to have biological children I prefer to date women between who are early to mid thirties. I’m upfront about this in my OK Cupid profile but find I […]

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How Long Should You Wait For The Second Date?

March 17th, 2013


Name: Scott Age: 30 City: New York State: NY Comment: So I’ve decided to get back on the sauce and once again use a fairly popular, well-known internet dating website that’s free…Yes, I’ve been going out with a few women, with mixed success, and thankfully enjoying the experience for the most part without getting too […]

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How Come Nobody Responds To His OKCupid Messages?

March 13th, 2013


Name: Joe Comment: I message more than a few women on a popular free dating site, the only problem being that they never message me back, nor do they look at my profile. Now, the first thing you’re going to say is that I have some red flags; my messages, while succinct, show that I’ve […]

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