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READER RANT: What Do You Mean Women Over 35 Should Settle?

November 16th, 2012


Name: Cheerios Age: 33 State: Question: Dear Moxie- Really? After 35 every single woman must “settle” in order to end up in a serious relationship? I see this in almost every one of your posts. What exactly does the term “settle” mean to you Moxie? If a good looking woman in her mid to late […]

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The Question Isn’t Why Aren’t You Married…It’s Why Are You Single

March 13th, 2011


It seems that the ripple effect of both The Village Voice & Tracy McMillan articles is still ongoing. But what I don’t think a lot of people understood was that the core question being posed by both pieces wasn’t “Why aren’t you married?” but rather “Why are you single?” Not single as in in a […]

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