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Sometimes People Just Say Things To Be Polite Or Lose Interest

February 13th, 2014


Name: Lina : Comment: Hi, I know this guy from my previous job. He was working with my company and I had to work with him almost on daily basis. 4-5 months a go he started talking about his and my personal life during our work calls and he also invited me to his house […]

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“I Only Date White/Slender/Tall People” And Other Problematic Dating Profile Language

February 10th, 2014


Name: H.I.H Comment: Hello Moxie, I have a question about online profiles, specifically how do you outline the kind of person you would like to hear from without coming across as overly picky, entitled or insensitive?  I recently reactivated my OKCupid account and I keep reading profiles from men (the types I would like to […]

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OK Cupid Pro Tips aka How Not To Waste Your Time on OKCupid

September 15th, 2013


Name: Preston Comment: First and foremost, your website is a God send. I found it while googling an issue I have and find that it hits all the right notes from beginning to end. So long story semi-short, I messaged a girl on OKC whose profile I liked and also found to be very beautiful. […]

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