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Head Isn’t All About Him

May 11th, 2014


My wonderful friend Betty introduced me to some articles this past week that led me to this one. I love my boyfriend. And I love giving him blow jobs. What I do not love is the taste of spunk. No matter whose splooge it is, it tastes like a cross between sour juice, bitters, mold, […]

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What If They Aren’t The Best Lover You’ve Ever Had?

June 14th, 2013


Name: Lourdes Comment: Hi.  I used to live in NY.  I had a short committed relationship with a guy and after we broke up we continued hooking up and the sex got so much better that we continued a fwb relationship for about 6 years;  On and off depending on whether we were in a […]

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Going Down?

February 4th, 2013


Article Roundup time! Read this do you’re up to speed. From the article: It’s one thing to just not eat a pussy once or twice. Sometimes you’re doing other things and it doesn’t come up. I’m talking about these guys who barely even LOOK at your pussy, like you could bang this dude for a […]

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Are Anal Sex & Threeways The New Third Base?

January 8th, 2013


A Troubleshooting session today involved an intriguing scenario. My client, a 37 year old female in NYC, asked me to share her situation here. Here’s the story: Girl meets man on OKCupid. Girl is fresh out of a relationship and looking to casually date. Girl feels man is more sexually experienced than she is. The […]

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When the Intimacy of Sex Is Too Much

June 7th, 2011


This is a two-parter, so stick with me. My friend G. had a date the other night. He met the woman on the subway, and they chatted each other up until he had to get off at his stop. He took her out and things went well. So he called her again and they met […]

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What’s Your Recipe For Great Sex?

December 13th, 2010


I disagree with some of this stuff. Enthusiasm goes a long way. But, for me, a woman’s looks go much, much further to create good sex than anything that she can “do” to impress me. A really hot woman can literally just “lie there” and I’d still be pretty happy. After that, novelty is most […]

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Any Port In a Storm – The Argument for Sleeping With Married People

December 8th, 2010


Im going to throw this topic at you …multiple part question….and see how you tackle it.  BEING SINGLE ..and SLEEPING WITH MARRIED PEOPLE. Setting aside religious beliefs, Is it right ?  Is it wrong ?  Do you believe in the whole karma aspect ? If you’re SINGLE and consort with and sleep with married people, is […]

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Under One Roof

December 6th, 2010


This was mentioned in a recent post and Ifeel like it got overshadowed by the bigger topic. I keep hearing stories about people who dated for 3, 6, 9 months and then decided to live together. Which, to me, seems fast. But then everything has been sped up, hasn’t it? The courting process, the dating […]

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