Work With Me & Get More Dates

For the past eight years, I have been working with singles to help them make sense of the sometimes frustrating world of dating. My experience in redtopthis niche expands across several mediums that cover online and offline dating methods. In addition to my experience, I’ve been sought out by  the media and asked for insight on a multitude of dating-related issues.

On top of my almost decade worth of experience working with single men and women, I’m also a user of many of these platforms.

I date online. I use the sites and apps that you use. I’ve had relationships with people that I’ve met on Facebook, via Twitter, and through and OKCupid.

I’ve watched the dating game change rapidly over the past few years and have learned the tricks to navigate this landscape more successfully.

I’m doing what you’re doing. I’ve been fortunate, over time, to learn what red flags to look for and developed the filters that have helped me avoid the time wasters. Let me show you how.



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